December 6, 2010


without shame i have to plug stella & dot today. chances are you have heard of this saavy jewelry business. if you have not- do yourself a favor, and clue in. check out the website. my darling roommate, anne autry, is a stylist for stella & dot. she host all sorts of fabulous parties and sells fantastic shiny things. in fact, this weekend she traveled "home" to help all kinds of fashion forward women find gifts for {themselves} christmas. if you like what you see on the website {which i am certain you will} contact her before you make a purchase {}! also, if you like what you see and are interested in hosting a party contact her for that reason too {if you host a party there are all sorts of kick backs for you...}.

where there is love {of pretty, shiny things}, 
there is art.

p.s.- be on the lookout for a stella & dot giveaway on where there is love, there is art in the near future!

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