December 1, 2010

yawl, we did it.

100. has been a looming number over my head since this blog was conceived. for whatever reason i desperately wanted to get to one hundred. i just felt that if i had 100 dedicated readers then there are many other readers that stumble here from time-to-time. what am i even talking about? all that to say... a big ol' thank you, to you, for reading this! and a special thank you to #100, mrs. katie ford... kelly. i love this girl so. in fact, katiegirl, it's about dang time considering i've featured both you and your huz
dang. i got lucky having her as #100 so we could have such a pretty picture to look at. i mean really? {she's a model girl... on the real. birmingham, you will be seeing her soon. shh... top secret!}
where there is love {for the #100},
there is art.

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