December 29, 2010

wrote the book on love.

one of my favorite gifts this christmas came in a very small package {and, no, i don't mean diamond earrings or anything of that nature}. this gift was given to me by my favorite little girl, jewel-bug.
this children's book possess some really beautiful truths pertaining to my favorite subject {hint, hint... the four letter word}-- L O V E, in case it's not obvious. this book shows both in word and illustration the various ways that love can be experienced- through nature, ourselves, and with others. it shows how these are all connected. and most importantly this book celebrates love! i love it.
and has it says in the book "love is best when love is shared." so check it out or buy this sweet book here.
oh! by the way, these books are made on recycled paper and printed with veggie-based inks. i did my research...

where there is love, there is art.

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