December 20, 2010

nyc #1.

i arrived in new york on thursday afternoon. checked into our cool and cozy hotel- the ace. brother and i skipped around town at first checking things out. we then walked to our favorite pizza spot, john's pizza {appropriately named}. i do believe that in every trip i've made to new york john's has always been our first meal spot. tradish. later that evening i met up with some friends of mine in the city. i saw my friend's place in the west village and then we walked to extra virgin where they had dinner and i had drinks. i do love new york.
hot apple rum cider. boom.
in the hotel room. so cute.
friday john arrived later in the morning. i did a bit of squealing when i saw him in the lobby. after he recovered from that we caught a cab to stand4 burger. i had read a recommendation for this place, and knew i could make the boys happy with a good burger. we walked around greenwich. did a bit of shopping {as in, my brother did all the shopping...}. then we returned to the ace to get amped for the game!
hey noho.
tree in the center before being lit.
view from our hotel room. 
oh. and minor detail of the trip--- we then went to the mecca of basketball, madison square garden, for the new york knicks vs. miami heat game. unreal. once in a lifetime. and then we.... {more to come}
the heat warming up. hahaha.
italy and me at the game.
{side note: i currently do not hear sirens or honking horns, and for that i am sad.}

where there is love, there is art.

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