July 1, 2010

94 days of summer?

it's really a shame that there are not 500 days of summer. 
this photograph was taken by yours truly while in california last january. i am a huge cheater because it was not taken in summer. i also love jelly fish. the end.
but since there are approximately 94 days (depending on where you live) of summer. i must make a list (because i love lists) of summer "hopes."
this summer 2010 i hope... 
1.) to make homemade pretzels.
2.) to never burn my skin.
3.) to get as many spray tans as possible.
4.) to go to an outdoor concert.
5.) to take a walk after dinner with a boy.
6.) to go to brunch at local birmingham spots as much as possible with the most wonderful people.
7.) to master my own signature cocktail.
8.) to create the most glorious summer playlist to date.
9.) to visit every flea market known to man until i find the perfect bookshelf.
10.) figure out what is up with my sleeping patterns.
11.) oh, and to chill out. breathe as much as possible. and thank my lucky stars.
12.) and go kayaking...
13.) pick some blueberries.
14.) make a blueberry pie.
15.) finish my summer reading list.

also, in the spirit of fabulous friday's please visit my friend's blog savingmoneylivinglife for encouragement in the art of the being thrifty. thanks, heather!


  1. 1. yes please
    2. good SPF girl
    5. mmhmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm
    6. love it
    7. you already did that summer brews
    9. take me with you
    10. uab has a sleep lab
    11. get a dog xoxo

  2. you are perfection. that's why we are besties.

  3. Thanks for linking up, Hayden! Please link back to my blog when you do this though, or you can grab my button & just put it on the bottom of the post. I'd really appreciate it. :) I love the movie 500 days of summer, now I want to watch it again! Have a great 4th!