July 6, 2010

mommy loves you.

I remember first being introduced to Allison and Corgan on a winter evening while out with friends. They are the perfect pair. I do not know the love between mother and son first hand, but from the start seeing these two together inspired me. In an interview I asked Allison a few questions about the love she has experienced as Corgan’s mom. Here is what Allison had to say:
Q: Could you have anticipated what loving Corgan would be like?
A: Loving Corgan... no way. I mean, I knew I would love him, but not like this. I have a very close family so we ALL love each other a whole bunch. But him? It's completely different. He's so cool too, so it makes it easy to keep him around all the time {haha}. But seriously, after all of life's obstacles he's been the one constant who loves me no matter what. It's the most amazing feeling. I can wake up in the morning with bed head and gross breath and hear that sweet, little monster say, "Mommy? You are so pretty. I love you so much." 
Q: What is your most treasured memory of his life so far?
A: I can't think of one most treasured memory, Hayden. There are so many! I honestly don't know. 

Corgan on art…
Corgan: Look at me! I’m ba-cas-o! (he covers up one ear).
Corgan on God and love…
Corgan: How come God and Jesus are the same, and Jesus has a mommy and a daddy but God doesn’t?
Corgan: Ma. Could you call God and ask him to make it sunny forever? He’s in the city.
Corgan: Is God a machine?
Allison: What? No way!
Corgan: Oh… Mommy, I dreamed that God was a machine and He makes records. Then I dreamed I was the Hulk and I was singing Bob Marley.
Corgan: Mommy, does God have a girlfriend?
Allison: No, baby.
Corgan: But He needs one so she can do His homework!

where there is love (of a child), there is art. 

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