July 12, 2010

sisterly love.

what's good news if you haven't a sister to share it? 
one of my dearest friends from college, amy (clayton) baggett, recently started a blog with her two sisters. some of us have sisters, while others (like myself) find sisterly love in other places {i.e.- my sister/cousin, christina}. regardless, it is a bond and a love unlike any other. the "sisters blog" started by the clayton sisters- amy, hannah, and ellie echoes the love of sisters. through this same vein their blog was birthed. i asked amy a couple questions about their new venture. she said:
q: how did this blog come to be for you three? 
a: sisterhood is one of my favorite things in this life. everytime i look at one of my sister's creations or think about our memories together, i can't help but smile. i am so very proud of both of them! one day i thought, "i wonder if anyone else would think these girls are as cool as i think they are?" and so the idea of the blog came to be. we created it, posted some of our individual work, and there you have it! aprons and art.  we have a quote on our blog that says, "what's the good of news if you haven't a sister to share it." the whole premise of the blog is sharing- stories, ideas, thoughts, books, music, recipes, aprons, art- all through our unique sisterhood. 
q: what are y'alls hopes/expectations for the blog? 
a: we didn't know if anyone would like it, honestly, it could have been just for the three of us. and more than that we never thought we would sell anything. i remember being in wal-mart when i received the email that someone was wanting to make a purchase- our first sell! i freaked out, called the girls, and we couldn't quit laughing all day! we were both shocked and excited that people actually like what they saw. overall, we have just had endless fun and laughs. it's like our sisterhood on steroids- we get to share it with everyone else! our hope is that the blog is simply that it will be a bright spot in someone's day. we hope to inspire people to pursue their passions, and love well the special people in their life. and... it wouldn't hurt if we made our first million selling aprons and art? 
i'm happy to know people as creative and loving as these sisters. 

where there is love (of a sister), there is art. 

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  1. Love this story. Warms the heart!!!
    I never had a sister but I have two precious daughters who often let me be apart of their laughter and special moments. I feel blessed!