July 13, 2010

apologies- in advance.

i'm apologizing because i am writing about something that is not exactly related to love or art. but, in true ansleyhayden fashion i am sure i can stretch this and make it work.
last night i came home to firemen, fire trucks, and a broken down apartment door. 
false alarm. i had left the eye of my stove on while i went for a "walk" {that lasted an hour} with my girl NVZS. thus, the rice that was on the eye of the stove burned ---> causing smoke ---> causing alarm sensor to go off ---> causing neighbors in a panic ---> causing DRAMA.
this was not the actual fire truck scenario. this photo was taken from flickr
but i did meet a lot of neighbors in the process? {thinking positively} 
where there is love (set a fire?), there is art. that was such a stretch... 

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