July 29, 2010

happy anniversary, m + j.

to fall in love with your best friend.
how many times have you heard someone proclaim this? has it been suggested to you that this is what you should look for? then there's that weak feeling you get when you hear the lyrics to songs like "lucky" by jason mraz. does this really happen though? well, yes, it does. meet my friends meg and josh mcclung. meg said to me, "you know, hayden, we really do just love being together." how refreshing.
photo by: cary norton
q: so, how did you two meet?
a: The first time we laid eyes on each other was 11 years ago at Cornerstone music festival in Illinois in 1999, when we were both 15. My (Meg) parents and I lived in Budapest, Hungary as missionaries for 2 years and I was home for the summer staying with my sister and her husband. Josh was in the youth group at Shades Valley Community Church where my sister and her husband were youth group leaders. They took a group of youth group kids to Cornerstone during the summers, so I came along. We hung out that week, listening to the likes of Pedro the Lion, Hopesfall, 238, Recess Theory and some hardcore bands (not really my thing). I remember the first moment that I started liking Josh... now that I'm 26 it sounds a little cheesy, but I was standing behind the stage at a Pedro the Lion show and I could see Josh in front of the stage, singing his heart out... It was so sweet to see someone at 15 with such passion. The rest is history... we dated a little in high school (long-distance, which wasn't easy!) and then all four years of college. We got married on July 29, 2006. Time has definitely flown since we first met....
q: meg, what is it about josh that you are most attracted to? josh, what about meg do you find most attractive? 
meg's answer- If we're talking about physical attributes... Josh's eyes are gorgeous. They're this crazy green with dark edges so they change color depending on the light. And they light up when he laughs.... love it. He also has really good hands and feet which is definitely a good thing. I always used to say that the first thing I noticed about guys were their hands. I like strong hands. But the most attractive thing about Josh is the way he loves. He is generous, quick to serve, slow to anger, and he's not afraid to cry. He thinks about things a lot and so he feels and experiences things deeply. 
josh's answer- Well Meg is just gorgeous from head to toe, and she's always been beautiful beyond words both physically and emotionally. I have always loved her smile and her laugh. Hearing her, and especially making her laugh, is really amazing. She's one of the only people I know who will laugh at all the stupid cheesy stuff I say all the time. Meg's got a very loving heart too for all those she comes in contact with and it's amazing to see how she carries herself with such grace and beauty. Plus she's got legs that just don't quit!
q: is there a work of art that best represents your love for one another? 
a: Music has definitely played a big role in our relationship from the start and it seems that whenever our paths crossed during our later years in high school it was related to some sort of music event (City Stages, Furnace Fest, going to shows). Nailing down a specific work of art would be hard... we spent a lot of time apart during our dating years and so I think of the line from "Politik" by Coldplay- "Give me love over, love over this." We were always looking forward to the next time we could be together... Now we're married and we see each other every day! There's this Zales commercial of 2 old people walking through the park together holding hands - I hope that represents us. I think at 80, we'll still be in love and laugh and truly enjoy each other's company.
photo by: cary norton
q:what do you guys think the key to loving is? 
a: A big part of loving well is not being selfish. If you put the other person first, you stop expecting things, and start appreciating them. Of course, it's easier said than done. Also accept that you cannot change the other person - love unconditionally. Be for each other, not against each other. Communicate your thoughts and feelings. Encourage each other and have a lot grace. Really what it comes down to is loving like Jesus loves us - we love because he first loves us. And he does it best.
don't you want to take a deep sigh out now? i do. after all...
where there is love, there is art. 
p.s.- Happy FOUR year anniversary, you two. 
photo by: cary norton

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  1. Wow. I'm so proud of you two :) - your big sis