July 13, 2010

one language.

in a bayside boutique i came across ONE LANGUAGE bags. "how neat!" being the inquisitive person that i am i read the About One Language section of the bag's tag. I suddenly loved the bag even more, and here is why:
"Inspired by all the actions taken to make the earth greener and better, One Language was created by two   sisters based in New York City, who wanted to create canvas bags that were chic and modern, and not so granola and boring. They realized that even with all the canvas bags out there, none were really sophisticated or elevated enough to wear as just a great bag.The sisters, one a Cornell University graduate (the business orient) and the other at Parsons School of Design (the design junkie), have both worked for some of fashion's biggest names (à la Hermés, Oscar de la Renta, Lanvin...... that's just to name a few), and couldn't understand why 'going green' had to mean 'going without style'. And so, inspired by effortless style and classic / simple designs, they created a small line of bags made of 100% natural canvas that combines everyday function with style. Strong believers of doing good things for yourself and for the earth, they saw the bags as the perfect merger of the two concepts. Each bag is lined with handwritten inspirational quotes that the girls were inspired by when creating the bags. For them, the bags are personal and a direct reflection of their carefree attitude and modern spirit, mixed with serious style."
passion. intellect. aesthetic quality. inspiration.you know i love it. 
these days i don't feel comfortable making quick, unplanned purchases so i left the boutique without the bag. needless to say, when i returned home (to birmingham) from the beach/bay i got online and ordered this lovely bag. 
this is a practical bag, right? for work. for school. for the grocery. for the weekend. done.
where there is love (of doing good for yourself and the earth), there is art. 

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  1. ah. it's a beauty. you need each other. good purchase, sissy.