July 31, 2010

she's here!

so i made a move a couple of months ago into a historic apartment in english village {as seen here}. for months i've been waiting expectantly for august to come. and now that august is upon us the sad little second bedroom has now magnificently gone from this
so very sad. 

to this. 
good morning, annie. 

welcome home, annie! anneelizabeth is one of my best friends from growing up. she's one of those that you feel as though you are sisters- you argue, laugh, cry, enjoy life more with them than anyone else. during this post-grad transition into adulthood (oh, wait, we are already there!) i could not think of a better person to live with. i'm excited to see what is to come for the both of us. anne has recently graduated from "the university" (of alabama) and is now hired as a full-time nanny. she is also going to start {more than likely} on her early childhood masters.

so last night we went to cocina's happy hour {we got there about the time happy hour lost it's happy} to celebrate anne and the move. here are some photographs:
anne enjoying her marg. 
chrissy also had reason to celebrate, she began optometry school this week. 
and me- well i'm just celebrating life... per usual. 
where there is love {and celebration of change}, 
there is art.