July 22, 2010

happiness requested.

photo by Sarah Moorad.
the dog days of summer happen. 
have you felt it? i have. 
to prevent such madness i am 
requesting happiness
in the form of a list {i love lists}. 
i've done this once before on my blog here

if you are so inclined {bored at work, bored at home, whatever...}please e-mail me at ansleyhayden@gmail.com and share your happiness. i look forward to it! 
where there is love {and a smile}, there is art. 


  1. who took this cool picta? oh yes memememe

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  3. dont know what happened to the first one....I think this is what it said: "you know I'll be drafting one. I fall into the "bored at work" category mir mir mir"...thats more or less what i think it said.