July 25, 2010

happy list dos- by: olivia

Miss Olivia is HAPPY right now because of... 
photo by sarah moorad
1. This opportunity for me to make a list.
2. These two Angus & Julia Stone songs -
3. Pamplamoose and My terrible friend
4. Kale and Heirloom tomatoes
5. The most freedom that I have ever experienced in my life. The freedom I have right now.
6. Encaustic Painting techniques
7. Watching how hard my dad laughs whenever he youtubes "Creature Comforts- Dog vs. Cats"
8. Listening to Jonsi say-"We should always know that we can do anything"- in the song "Go Do." And then doing just that... going and doing. 
9. The fact that I am moving to Hawaii in one month because.....#8..."we should always know that we can do anything."
10. My friends and family that are supporting my every step of this crazy adventure. Never ever limit yourself. We were all made to do great things.
11. AnsleyHayden {told you i would}.

and I {ansleyhayden} am very happy because "O" is in my presence currently. what a treat. especially in light of the pending move. 

where there is love {of heirloom tomatoes}, there is art. 

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