July 24, 2010

happy list request numero uno

Happy list de {Beth}:
this is not beth, this is ansleyhayden. photo by: sarah moorad. 

1. The dinging sound a typewriter makes when you've reached the end of a line.
2. Eating a really juicy peach.
3. That feeling you get inside when you are so happy, you could burst.
4. Cool bandaids. Especially the superhero ones.
5. Stepping on crunchy leaves.
6. Fields of sunflowers.
7. Chocolate fondue fountains.
8. Knowing all the words to a song.
9. Genuine hugs.
10. Running in the rain.

i thank you sweet reader girl beth for this list. 
it is happy. we are happy. 

where there is love {and crunchy leaves}, there is art. 

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