July 26, 2010

happy birthday, mama.

"you know," she said. "even if she weren't my mom, i'd go out of my way to be friends with her." 

it's the 50th birthday of
... so let's start at the beginning
susan and gail, circa 1960. 
susan and gail- thanksgiving 2009.
she's the type of sister everyone wishes for. 
susan and gail before a school dance. 
susan and gail, circle 1961. 

she's a lot of FUN and a good friend too. 
"whoopin" it up during high school. {she's the angel in white}

to williamhunter and ansleyhayden she's the world's greatest Mama.

mom and i on my first easter. 

mom and i, 1987. 
she loves so well. always. 
beautiful mom and i at disney world, 1993. 

mom and i at my high school graduation, 2005. 
she's my best friend
mom and i at the beach in 2010. 

williamhunter, ansleyhayden, mom, and "big bill."
she's the backbone of our {crazy}family. 
ansleyhayden {daughter}, christinareagan {niece/daughter}, williamhunter {son}. 
she loves her kids. 
mom with her painting williamhunter and ansleyhayden gave her for her 50th. 
she's graceful, gracious, patient and loving

you're my hero. 

where there is love (on a 50th birthday), there is art. 


  1. wow Hayden, that is just touching! i can tell you love her as much as she loves you!!
    Carol Plott

  2. Wow, what a wonderful tribute to your sweet Mama! I miss your mom and I miss Susan! We all grew up together. Your mom us followed us around ole Gene and Lou Emma's house! Susan's my age and we were some kind of pair! I watched you grow up on Crowe Hill. I'm enjoying keeping up with you through your blog. I love reading it! Tell your Mom I said hello and if she's ever in Santa Rosa Beach to please call me! I'd love to see her. Keep posting, you've got some kind of talent!

    Nancy Strother