July 2, 2010

{oh, say can you see?}

I have my reasons for not being the biggest fan of the 4th of July. I am not about to say that I do not like it all together. So please do not label me anti-American. I have known people, namely my friends the Baggett family, that have coined America's holiday as "the best holiday." I, however, have always found the 4th of July to be difficult. I found my lack of enthusiasm for this holiday to be best described while reading an excerpt of Gary Shteyngart's Super Sad True Love Story  in a Times review. The main character described the 4th of July as "The early middle age of summer. Everything is alive and kicking for now, but the eventual decline into fall has already set itself in motion." 

As a child I would find myself frolicking around Wynlakes Country Club or Lake Martin during the 4th of July, all the while thinking  1. Summer is ending. 2. I have got to start on my summer reading. So here I am at age 23 thinking the very same thing. Nevertheless, my summer reading is no longer for "educational" purposes but rather my personal summer reading list. What's on your summer reading list? You should probably get started on that. 

But until the 5th rolls around in all it's humid glory- enjoy your red meat, cole slaw, Lays, and solo cup bevy of choice. Try not to think about the heat index that has reached it's pinnacle, or the summer reading you've yet to get to. Enjoy your family and friends. Think all things American. Oh, and think of me because on this 4th of July in the year 2010 you can find me, ansleyhayden, at the University of Alabama at Birmingham in class. Yes, that's right. Apparently at UAB class is only cancelled on Monday the 5th. But don't you worry I will celebrate America when class ends just like everyone else. Watching fireworks with my family (those in Birmingham at least. Thank you, Nina). 
where there is love (or fireworks), there is art. 


  1. you seriously have class on Sunday? that is so wrong.

  2. Hmm...my depressing holiday would be Halloween - because it means the nights are getting shorter and it's about to be COLD.

    ...Just stopping by from Alabama Bloggers to say hi!

  3. Thanks, Rachel! So glad you did. :)