August 8, 2010

all good things must come to an end.

it's the sad truth. but, honestly, all i can think about at this moment is leaving this condo. to go for a candy run!  i want chocolate, candy, something sweet. when did my mother become so healthy? when did junk food get replaced with zone bars and craisins? has my mother become me? that's fine in my regular life but in my vacation life i need ben and jerry's, cookie dough, and dark chocolate. i am frustrated.
bayside with the siscous. 
despite my "candy pains" i have had a wonderful vacation. since the "activates" were full force in the beginning {between the shopping and the sugarland concert} we have slowed down a bit. perhaps the aura of saint jimmy buffet has struck us? regardless, it's been just what i need on my short break in classes {and work}. 
ritasusan and christinareagan enjoying the pool. 
the schedule the past couple of days has included the following {with room for adjustments}: wake up when ready, enjoy a cup of coffee s l o w l y while watching the sun come out, change clothes... into bathing suits, claim the pool chairs and cabana, swim and attempt to {not... i'm one for protecting my skin. it's the new me or something?} get a tan, lunch poolside including chicken salad and grapes and frozen beverages, lounge time at the beach house, showers, delicious dinner and more chillage {our new family vocabulary word for movies, wine, etc.}. essential the perfect vacation at my happy place- perdido key, florida
la serena. family beach house. 
here's a few more photographs of our female/family vacay: 
sitting on the dock of the... bay?

christinareagan and daisy {of course she had to come too}. 
laughing with my mama. 
this was aunt susan's version of modeling. christina loved it?
apparently christina models professionally? 

i suppose it's time to say goodbye to the beach. must i? really? just for now...
where there is love, there is art. 

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