August 4, 2010

w + e (photographie and love)

image by heather hester
there are those love stories. the ones that from the deepest part of your heart you feel inspired {almost covetous}. this is the story of wesley and emma. and i'll let them tell it {because they make my words turn to mush}. 
q: how did you guys meet?
a: according to e- We originally met in a Spanish 201 class at the University of Alabama. It was my freshman year and his sophomore year. I thought he was cute, and hilarious, but didn't really think too much about it (I had a boyfriend at the time). That Spring ended leaving us as classroom aquaintances. When the next Fall rolled around, Wesley and I coincidentally shared a Spanish class and a random Biology class. We started "studying" for tests (more like flirting for hours on end) and the rest is history! We've been dating for 3+ years and we're getting married in less than a month (and moving to Spain a month later). according to w- Emma wouldn't stop chasing me. We were assigned partners in spanish class and we were "forced" to study together.
image from their first date. 
q: w, what do you find most attractive about w? w, what do you find most attractive about e?
a: according to e- Upon first meeting my dear fiance, I just thought he was handsome and really funny. I still adore both of those qualities about him, but once I got to know him I realized just how caring and compassionate he is. It's kind of ridiculous. Wesley will literally do ANYTHING for ANYONE. A true servant. On that same note, he is the most personable man I know. He love's to connect with people. So, of course, while he is helping you when you're in a bind, he'll be treating you like you're his best friend (which he probably considers you to be anyway!) and making you laugh all at the same time. In a few words, that's what I love most about Wesley Denver Teague. But I could go on and on...

 according to w- Besides the fact that she's smokin' hott, physically I LOVE her smile and her big brown eyes! But what attracts me to her most is the sweet innocence that she exemplifies and her goofy sense of humor. She is an introvert by nature, but really shows off her hilarity when we're alone. We laugh A LOT together. I find so much innocence and purity in her personality and faith that I just can't resist being around her.
image taken right after the proposal. 
q: Is there a work of art (painting, literature, song, etc.) that best represents your love for one another?
a: e- So many! The first thing that comes to mind is that art of language and culture. Wesley and I are both fairly fluent in Spanish (Him more so than I!) - We love the learning it, speaking it, watching it, listening to it. Not to mention it's one of the beloved romance languages. It's what bonded us in the beginning and it's been a constant in our relationship until now. We are self proclaimed nomads- we've had many opportunities to travel the world together- experience cultures, live something other than the "American Dream." Basically anything to do with the Hispanic language and culture inspires and connects us. Maybe you think of a painting by Picasso- we remember standing infront of the gargantuan "Guernica" oooing and ahhing over his masterful creation, or maybe children running barefoot in Central America comes to mind- we've stood in a circle holding hands with those children playing ring around the rosy. Or maybe you're a movie buff and you think of Vicky Christina Barcelona- we spent an enchanting weekend, one summer, in Oviedo where the story takes place. Our memories, and many of our relationship milestones,revolve around our mutual love for language and culture. Others, of course, are photography, both our own work and the work of others. We capture love for a living (or a part-time living anyway!)- to us it's impossible to do that and it not be infused with our love for one another and what we can create. We also love to sing together- but just in the confines of one of our homes. I don't sing in public. 
photograph by abby fernandez. 
w- Well, my first thought is the book Don Quixote by Miguel Cervantes.  Cervantes was kind of a Spanish William Shakespeare.  I chose this epic "comedy" not because our love is a comedy but because Don Quixote is a knight errant pursuing his beautiful princess Dulcinea and it's written in an older, romantic Spanish style... even though Don Quixote is a delusional old man who lives in a dream world and Dulcinea is a homely peasant woman, I think it represents our love very well.  It's Spanish first of all, and secondly it's about pursuing someone/something you love.  Don Quixote has a ton of comical misadventures and Dulcinea is a tease in his dream world and often times alludes him.  It's just a beautiful story overall.  I'm Don Quixote pursuing Emma (Dulcinea) and it's a journey that is incredible, adventurous, hilarious, sad, painful, sincere, and loving all-in-one. 
photograph by heather hester 
q:what do you think is the key to loving
a: e says- Selflessness. God love's us not because we are perfect individuals, but because he is the epitome of selflessness. And God is love. If I focused on every one of Wesley flaws, I don't think I would be a very good lover. We both have flaws and those flaws or others like them will always be present in our character and relationships- it's not about being perfect, but simply serving the one you love out of a heart that is void of selfish motives. 
w says- To quote a favorite Black Eyed Pea's song of mine "If you never know truth, then you never know love...where's the love ya'll?" but in all seriousness, it's true.  If you don't know the Truth, then how can you know Love or how to love?  If you don't understand real grace and mercy and how God gives it so freely then it is hard to understand how to give grace and mercy to others, especially those you love.  Grace and mercy are a big part of loving someone.  I know I'm definitely not perfect and neither is Emma.  I love Emma very, very much and I know we are meant to be together forever, but.. she is not my Savior.  She is my helpmate and best friend and we love each other by aiming for one specific goal: honoring the Lord first and encouraging one another in that. 
p.s.- 17 days, guys!
p.p.s.- check out w + e photographie
where there is love, there is art {always}. 

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