August 25, 2010

a peace person.

i really believe in peace. i know that sounds so "21st century hippie" of me. but i am being completely serious. peace of mind. peace of heart. maybe i am the only person that ever gets caught up in life {or the opposite of}and loses peace, but i honestly don't think i'm alone in this. so hopefully this will resonate somewhere with you...
taken in one of the most peaceful parks i know in san francisco, ca. 
yesterday was a day of anxiety for me. some past ghosts of mine came out to play and i got totally caught up. it was just a mess. the best way i know to deal with anxiety is to talk about it, talk through it. but even for me, one of the most openly expressive people you might know, when i am in my darkest of places opening up is hard. and honestly, sometimes it just feels embarrassing. like why would anyone want to hear or know how crazy i am? do you know that feeling? luckily, i have some pretty amazing people in my life- many of whom have been featured on here. so yesterday right before bed i decided to open up to one of my favorite people on the planet more or less because i could not sleep if i didn't. i said, "i am walking with a ghost... i know i just threw a lot out at you. i hope my mess doesn't totally freak you out!" for a lot of people i am sure my mess would make them run in the opposite direction. in fact, i have had people that have done just that. even people that supposedly love(d) me. but this dear person {who will remain nameless because i know without a shadow a doubt he would not want his name used and this was a very personal moment} responded with a ton of love and encouragement and then proceeded to say, "Little in this world will freak me out.  Things concerning you never will.  They only make me think and hope more." and then the peace came. i woke up this morning to that and realized: i may be cracked, but i am not broken. i hope you find peace on this day, whoever and wherever you find it. 
where there is love {and a sanctuary}, there is art. 

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