August 22, 2010

seattle day 1 and 2.

so are you familiar with the term little monster? well, i came to seattle and became such a thing. by definition a little monster is: glitter, bows, wigs, breaking boundaries, and all things gaga. here is the example to which all little monsters find their greatest inspiration, from the cover of this month's vanity fair, lady gaga:
she honestly is one of the most creative persons i've ever witnessed. i saw her years ago in california when she was just making her breakthrough. but to see her after seven top charted hits and a variety of music awards in seattle, washington {actually tacoma, to be precise} with a mass of 20,000 people is pretty incredible. this wasn't exactly in the plan. in fact, my family and our close family friend walker left for dinner this evening with no plans of seeing the lady. then it hit... the itch for something spontaneous. i grabbed my little brother and walker {the ring leader of this adventure, at the ripe age of... can i tell you? it's a secret, kind of... forty-eight} and to the tacoma dome we went in search for gaga tickets. walker happened to find the most amazing tickets for us and two new friends that we met on the spot {yes, he is a generous soul and made the night a good bit brighter for two tacoma citizens/little monsters}. i still don't think i have quite grasped what happened in those couple of hours. but it was memorable. controversial. intriguing. inspiring. though i never would have pinned myself as the lady gaga type... i am now okay with the label of little monster.
a shot from tonight's show. when you think gaga do you think angel?

this is only a snippet of seattle thus far. here is the list version {because we all know i LOVE lists} of the rest:
  •  a brief hour in the forbidden city of minneapolis. said i would never go there... i did.
  • discovering the beauty of washington state. 
  • 60 degree temperatures- right up my alley. 
  • real mexican food... in a state that borders Canada?
  • pike place market- which includes the most beautiful produce and flowers i have ever seen!
  • the best anthropologie known to man. true tale. 
  • the original starbucks.
  • an oversized-collar leather jacket. even rihanna would turn green with envy. 
  • salmon and chips
  • the process of keeping my little brother fresh with some crisp nike. 
  • the most brilliant combination of toppings on a honey wheat pizza
  • oh... and the space needle in the distance. 
sorry for the shadows. chillin' by the bay. 
i'm in love... with seattle. 
where there is love {and dreams of moving to seattle}, there is art. 

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