August 1, 2010

there is a secret only one knows.

because of the berry patch secret. and because i took my friend who enjoys photography along for the adventure. i should have known that there would be stops to and from hueytown. here are some photographs taken along the way. it's a bit awkward posting photos of yourself, but i do appreciate georgiaruthcardinal for taking such lovely photographs and for seeing the beauty in railroad tracks or a local grille. this is how my saturday {and the secretkeeper- georgiaruthcardinal's} was spent. how about you? 
this final picture is placed in honor of the Italian and his dear, sweet sister. katie {the sister} delivers treats at the most opportune times- like finals week. this banana bread {family recipe} has single-handedly gotten me through this week. i also highly recommend the Italian's supposed way of eating this treasure- warmed up with cream cheese. delightful. have a blessed week and remember to enjoy the small things {like banana bread or a small town grille}. cheers!
where there is love {and appreciation for life}, 
there is art. 

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  1. love these pictures- you look beautiful!
    and i love georgiacardinalruth.