August 11, 2010


sweet somali smile. 
this little cherub, jasmin, starts kindergarten in nashville tomorrow. {time out... can we talk about how cute this little face is?} i have not personally met jasmin, however, one of my dear friend's marycatherine is currently working with World Relief and sent me this picture asking for prayer. marycatherine is friends with jasmin's family and has the privilege of escorting this little lamb to her first day of school. so if you pray, or you think to pray tomorrow, please pray for little jasmin and her siblings as they attend their first day of american school tomorrow.
something to think about: the somali civil war began in 1991 and is an ongoing conflict. can you imagine almost 20 years of civil war? 
where there is love {for somalia}, there is art.   


  1. this is precious. we have many somali refugees at our school, but none in my class this year. she will definitely be in my prayers!

  2. How adorable is that smile!!!