August 15, 2010

weekends are lovely.

weekends are lovely. this weekend was especially lovely for me, to me. i hope you had a lovely weekend too. it began with me taking an early weekend and heading to nashville and ended with another best, sarahmo, and i going to a little "surprise" show at urban standard {the civil wars, madi diaz, and peter groenwald}. oh wait! no, it actually ended with a walk with my girl anneemory  up to the "top of birmingham." the photos from the former will come when they are developed {yes, i'm playing with film these days}. here are a few photos from the latter:
my lovely friendsy, sarahmo.
the civil wars. always hauntingly good. 
me, ansleyhayden, and sarahmo at urban standard. 
cityscapes and city lights really do it for me. thanks, AE.
where there is love {and a memorable weekend}, 
there is art. 

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