August 19, 2010

art is love.

one of the better aspects of growing up is watching people of your "village" change the world- in ways both big and small. i have always looked up to meagan and her talent since studying art with her growing up. now to see her using art as a catalyst for change it altogether inspiring. meagan vucovich lives a life that makes an obvious connect between art and love. she makes this connection gracefully balanced, not one side stronger than the other. meagan is employed with VSA Alabama, an affiliate of the international nonprofit that serves children and adults with chronic illnesses and disabilities through the arts. this organization does amazing work through a myriad of programs. she is also an artist in her own right. the interview below will showcase meagan's effervescence for the connection between love and art. i am proud to know her. 
q: what inspires you most?
a: there's life simple treasures like: my nephew's laugh, a long road trip, the Low-country {specifically Charleston}, my job at VSA, my wonderful family, incredible friends, Jeremiah 29:11, i could go on for days... but most recently i added to the list a painting by Kathelma Williams (see photo). i curated a show by this remarkable woman earlier this year and immediately fell in love with this piece {which i now own}. she attends the mccoy day center where we have an art therapy program from seniors. her story is profound. she is an Alabama native, and against all odds at her time, she studied dance at julliard. she dabbled in painting throughout her lifetime, but it wasn't until recently that Allison DeCamillis, our Art Therapist, guided Kathelma's art to another level. this painting remind me daily to never let anything stand in the way of my dreams. the morning of the gallery opening, kathelma was taken to the hospital due to some complications. she begged the doctors to release her- she was determined to make it to her first gallery opening. low and behold, she made it. at one point, she looked at me square in the eyes and said, you doing this means the world to me. god bless." proof of this beautiful woman's authenticity and the substance her few words have. she had tears of joy in her eyes the entire evening. oh! and then there's music. "when my time comes" by dawes {they will be playing at bottletree oct. 29}and "zebra" by beach house. both songs are reminiscent of recent moments with those i cherish. 

q: fill in the blank. i love to paint ________.
a:portraits. i only wish i could be as skillful at it as my mother, Diddy Vucovish. she has a wonderful gift with portraits- an ability to truly capture her subject's personality and sparkle. 

q: fill in the blank. i love ________.
a: my grandmother. she was born and raised in straubing, germany. she raised seven children. she's a classically trained pianist and a gifted writer. she became an American citizen in the 1970s. she is honestly the most intelligent and beautiful woman i'll ever know. she is awe-inspiring. 

q: what is your favorite aspect of working at VSA of Alabama? 
a:i'm fortunate to say that i get goosebumps daily. tears occasionally- joyful tears. now that i have entered and rooted myself into this "arts in healthcare" world, i haven't merely gained familiarity with medical terms but moreover i have established a profound admiration for our artists. when i began working with VSA, i was amazed at how our clients' and their families were some of the happiest people i had ever met. earlier this year i was installing an art exhibit at children's hospital in birmingham, as i was madly making an effort to fit nearly 125 works of art {all of which were created by students and were amazing}, a family walked behind me with nurses and a doctor. you could see the little patient, hear her ventilator and see copious tubes and wires entwined across her tiny body- it was clear this little angel had been through a significant accident. i gave the family a quick smile as they walked along the gallery wall. come to find out this was the first time this little girl had been out of her hospital room in four months. then, the little girl gave a huge smile when she saw a painting of her funny, bright pink flamingo that i had just hung. that was the first smile this family had seen this little girl give since before her accident. and THAT is when it hit me- my job touches people in way i never knew were possible. the family, nurses, doctors, and i were all in tears. i am so lucky to be surrounded by such overpowering joy and constant appreciation- i like to think it's our daily reminder of the Lord's unending love for us. 

q: what is your vision/dream/goal for what is to come {as far as art is concerned} for you? 
a:my personal dream is for art to become accessible to all. at VSA, that is what we strive for- and ultimately, this has become a personal goal of mine. whether it is a child who isn't offered art at his or her school, or a person with a disability who has been told over and over that they cannot be an artist, it is imperative for the world to know that there is an artist within every being. 
where there is love, there is art {and vice versa}.

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  1. love it, hayden! also love that i can keep up with all of you sweet MA kids through your blog. thanks so much for sharing your heart! great job, megan!