August 7, 2010

it helps me survive. half way marker.

bg, rs, me, and cr at the concert. 
a drink. a beverage. a glass of wine. these were the proclaimed ways that a certain special family member of mine described as her key to survival. after a while i have started keeping a notepad of quotes. being around these three crazies you can't help but to be inspired... to laugh.  the beauty of being best friends with your family members is that you can't get rid of them. i suppose if you didn't like your family this might be a problem. but {for the most part} we like being stuck together

a painting i finished for my parent's beach house. 
we are here at the beach- brendagail {my mother}, ritasusan {my auntie}, and christinareagan {my sistercousin}. if you know the four of us you know each one of us as a personality {perhaps a strong one too}. so when it comes to "activates" {that's our term for activities} we all have an opinion on what we should be doing. luckily, we all like doing the same things so no matter who wins in this discussion the others are typically happy to follow along with the "activate." we are now half way through our beach vacay together. thus far we have: laid out, planned weddings {that don't exist}, ate at big fish {which included apple martinis for a certain someone... later thinking we should've let her have that third one...}, christinareagan made a list of nearly ten selfless things she did in one day {quite the feat}, bought the most fabulous betsey johnson bathing suits {40% off and of course sistercousin and i got the SAME one}, debated whether or not eric clapton {or claMpton} sang "cocaine", and finally we sang with jennifer nettles {yes, we attended a sugarland concert}. it's been one heck of a trip already! we are only half-way there. praise
sugarland. yahhhh
i'm not necessarily one for country music. but, i do make exceptions. sugarland is the exception {ok, and reba too}. but, little big town opened for them and they were a good time as well {they also attended my alma mater, samford, so it's cool...}. country music takes me back in a lot of ways. i've got pike county running through my favorite lyrics that remind me a great deal my family are these from the song "boondocks":

It's where I learned about living
It's where I learned about love
It's where I learned about working hard
And having a little was just enough
... i keep my heart and soul in the boondocks.
real talk. 
where there is love {and a family from the boondocks}, there is art. 

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