August 18, 2010

we used to wait.

not anymore. dearest oliviaann left on a big jet plane today. moving to her new home of honolulu, hawaii {the home of our President}. i'm not really sure what to do with my emotions. excited. sad. excited. sad... repeat x a million plus. nevertheless, i am proud of her for challenging comfort and seeking adventure. just going after it. whatever it is?
traveling woman at dinner. 
this weekend was not a "g word" {starts with a "good", ends with a "bye"} occasion. instead, it was a celebration of our friendship. magical. i traveled to nashville on friday and when i first arrived that afternoon we began by purchasing an iPhone 4 so we can "face time" in the future, duh. this was followed by a secret mission {again, i love secrets...}. once the mission was accomplished we went to dinner at the fabulous suzy wong's house of yum. i could not recommend another nashville restaurant more highly than this one. the entire experience was extraordinary. we ordered most everything on the menu- from basil mojito's to curry queso to a maki roll straight from heaven to martini's that resembled kombucha {i'm sure they were totally healthy}. we took our time... and were entranced by our flamboyant waitor with a "catpower" {named for the amazing musician} tattoo. after dinner we met up with a couple friends at fido. and then, a late night showing {and the pinnacle of the evening} Eat, Pray, Love. yes, I loved it, to answer your question but i refuse to get into it now... because now you must go see it before i become a spoiler.
thank you, house of yum.
the next morning i woke up feeling really tough. no tears were going to be shed. after all, i don't really cry anymore {ask anyone... it's strange. not even at times when crying is most appropriate}. but alas... fail. one thing i know for certain: there is a trip to hawaii in my future.
when i was still feeling strong. 
so in honor of oliviaann i present our favorite song of the moment: gonna take her on a ride on a big jet plane, gonna take her on a ride on a big jet plane, gonna take her on a ride on a big jet plane, gonna take her for a ride on a big jet plane. hey hey....

Angus & Julia Stone - Big Jet Plane from TSL on Vimeo.
where there is love {and a sense of adventure},
there is art. 
p.s.- we love you, o. {sarahmo is a creative genius. maybe i should do a post on mongy love?}

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