August 24, 2010

seattle day 4.

this post will be short for several reasons: 1. i am sad enough that i don't feel like i have much to say. 2. i will be "waking up" in a mere 4 hours to begin my voyage back to the home state.
i could not be more unhappy about leaving washington state. to be perfectly honest, if i knew that the weather was always this lovely i would leave it all behind {job, school, friends, etc.} and stay here in hopes that the rest would work itself out. but, unfortunately, it is not that easy. i hear the weather isn't always so lovely and i have a lot of responsibility that i love and am dedicated to. so, in case you were wondering, i will be back in birmingham tomorrow afternoon. 
today was basically filled with a hike looking straight at mount rainier. it looks as though it glows because of the sun's reflection off the snow. be looking for a million pictures to be posted of this beauty as soon as i return "home." i look forward to my next visit to seattle or anywhere in this beautiful state. washingtonians, be proud, you live in a beautiful place. maybe i will one day be a washingtonian too?
where there is love, there is art. 

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  1. glad to hear you will indeed be returning. i'm happy you love it, but you're making me nervous. you might be pleasantly surprised with bham's slightly lower temps this week - 60's at night, no jokes.
    see you tomorrow-