August 13, 2010

word on the street.

so i hear that lauren won in the finale last night. {if you have no idea what i am talking about... just pretend...} 
photo taken from NY Daily News
So You Think You Can Dance has been my favorite television show since it's inception. if you know me well... you know this. however, i put off watching the finale until this morning. i have two friends leaving town {returning to NC and moving to NYC} this week so i thought it best to be social last night. that is love. while getting ready for the day, still foggy-eyed, i went to start my DVR. errrrr... i had deleted the FINAL EPISODE! the one you wait all season for. sweet baby james! i am so mad at myself. my little, OCD self decided to go through and delete some of our excess DVRed shows only to delete the most important show recorded! i'm pissed. luckily, oliviaann came to the rescue... as soon as i get to nashville she promises we can watch the finale {i don't think she's seen it either}. it's the little things. 
where there is love {of dance and friendship}, 
there is art. 

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  1. another reason why i knew we'd be friends. i love SYTYCD and it is easily the best reality contest out there. i hadn't seen that pic but i definitely l-o-v-e those much that i'm going to see Twitch in Step Up 3D tonight. hope you enjoy nashy and i will see your face soon i hope!