August 28, 2010


"Maybe our friends are our soul mates and guys are just people to have fun with." -Carrie Bradshaw, "Sex in the City"
you like the top of rachelann's head.
i'm one of those types of people that let just about anyone into my life if they will let me into their's. you know the type? but it is said there are people {the dearest of friends} that let you into your own life. rachelann and anneelizabeth are those people for me. it's definitely not because of how much we have in common. each of us is completely unique to the other. despite the common eye rolls {particularly between me and anneelizabeth} we never doubt for a second how much we love each other- mutually. but that's the beauty of it, having people in your life that let you be you and love you all the while. you would think that after all these years friendship would run it's course and life would cause us to drift apart. no, not us. 
senior year of high school.
lake martin/high school bodies. 
sophomore year of college.
circa 2005... what is this outfit i'm wearing?
friday after work rachelann drove from montgomery to meet us in birmingham for sushi. maybe we have more in common than we thought because we all ordered the same roll. after dinner we went out for yogurt. in typical fashion anneelizabeth made friends with a few local gentlemen {ages 3 and 4}. we then spent the remainder of the evening pilled in bed together, drinking wine, telling stories of boyfriends past and funny memories. followed by a stroll this morning to the local bakery for croissants and coffee. 
when rachelann was a brunette. 
the older i get the more refreshed i am by the friends, that knew you when... anne and rachel have known me all the while. 
where there is love {beyond difference}, there is art.
christmas 2009. sorry anne, you got cut?
p.s.- these two think it's funny to play the game where you place a phrase in this blank... "where there is love ______, there is art"... i personally think they just want to be me. it's whatever. 

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