August 23, 2010

seattle day 3.

it's a stretch for me to feel comfortable with saying anything negative right now, simply because i am so happy. seattle is lovely. what is this i hear about rain? i know no such thing. the weather is perfect. every view i've seen is breathtaking. like i said, i'm in love
photo taken at dinner with my iPhone. no lie. 
today i began my day with brunch atop the seattle space needle. initially i declined this idea thinking it was probably a tourist trap. but after being encouraged by a friend of mine that is from the area, i decided maybe the view of seattle would be worth the fanny-pack brigade. it was totally worth it. the dining experience was top notch. brunch at the view from the top is a three-course brunch- no messing around. the service was fabulous. and then there is the view. i became immediately content. after brunch i took a walk up to 5th Avenue to visit my new friends. yes, i have made friends in seattle already. the girls working at anthropologie and i swapped life stories yesterday and now have established friendship. undoubtedly, if ever i do move to seattle {new thought, new possibility} anthropologie will be my first thought for meeting new folks. who needs the neighborhood bar when you have anthropologie, eh? after galavanting around downtown seattle i found myself back bayside sipping a summertime lemonade {just say muddled berries and i'm all yours...} for the second day in a row. i don't know if i will be able to part from this afternoon beverage when i return to bama {must i?} after a chill afternoon dinner was served at the lobster shop. divine honey almond prawns for me. what a full day... after which i feel like i could be appropriately labeled an All-American glutton {how repulsively satisfied i feel}. tomorrow is another day...
where there is love {that is flavorful}, there is art. 

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