August 4, 2010

work of art: season one

**i stand corrected. the finale was not tonight (august 4th). apparently, it's next week? 
once again sjp {short for, sarah jessica parker- duh} works to change my life. tonight is the finale of a new reality show series on Bravo- "work of art." sjp's production company, along with the magical elves of "top chef" and "project runway," has created this new series of competition between fourteen aspiring contemporary artists. they are competing for a solo show at Brooklyn museum and a generous cash prize {welcomed by "starving artists"}. every episode has included challenges, typical of reality television, judged by a panel of today's top art figures.
check out the finale. tonight on Bravo 10/9 central. and let me know what you think... after all, will there be a season two?
where there is love, there is art. 

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