September 5, 2010


{seemingly useless information}: one day after work this week i went to a coffee shop to do some writing/processing before going to a class at pure barre. it was a particular loud day. lots of noise both in the coffee shop and in my head.
{reason this is somewhat relevant}: on this same day i wrote a birthday card to one of my best friends for/from life, nancyvanzile.
strange kids- nancy and i. 
here are some things about nancy that i should've written in her birthday card, {but i didn't because all that came out was a bunch of mush in an attempt to tell her how much i love her}:
24.) you will never know how much you mean to me. ever.
23.) i often go back and read notes you've written to me, mostly in times of my personal turmoil, to recall your wisdom.
22.) you have really pretty eyes.
21.) i still think it's funny how much you didn't like me in junior high. glad we made amends {haha}
20.) i want to live a life with the kind of balance you possess.
19.) you're fancy, nancy.
18.) i'd like to get a hold of your book of quotes.
17.) i only wish leo knew your true feelings for him. it's love. for sure.
16.) i actually really do like being your friend- but i also am your friend so that i can hang out with ann.
15.) i value your opinion more than most {not just about books and movies}. and there's a reason why.
14.) let's move out west... i know you will. duh.
13.) thank you for teaching me to love sushi.
12.) is it fadwa or fudwa? you know... the syrian princess. which makes you part princess. cool.
11.) i wish you never left birmingham.
10.) i think we need to go to another john mayer concert. late birthday present from me to you? i'll do research.
9.) everyone should have a friend as loyal as you.
8.) i said the word tears too many times in your birthday card. but we really have cried a lot?
7.) it's nice to know that regardless of circumstance, differing opinion, or location our friendship will withstand it all. it already has.
6.) you're my favorite person to watch a movie with {just not late at night}.
5.)  i like to read your facial expressions.
4.) i know i hash out the same hardships with you a thousand times. but thank you for caring every single time.
3.) we are really good people for giving up the tanning bed. kudos.
2.) Je suis un lapin.
1.) thank you for being.


where there is love {that's hard to put words to},
there is art. 

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