September 19, 2010

fall overjoyedness.

happy fall 
here are the reasons that fall makes me come alive:
1. rustic and sunny fall mornings
2. warm, spiced beverages (2-3 teaspoons pumpkin spice in your coffee grounds=perfection)
3. those mysterious-feeling fall afternoons that fill my stomach with (good) butterflies.
4. drives anywhere and everywhere. always to excellent music.
5. sweaters and jackets and tights
6. the boots that i am in search of but have not yet found.
7. all things lined with flannel plaid.
8. everyone's fall butterflies (see #3) coming together for a good time- especially around a fire.
9. the creative inflow that comes to me every october and drives me crazy/makes me me.
10. being alive for all of it.
thank heavens for fall and for ansleyhayden {oh, you stop it right now little angel girl EA}.

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