September 21, 2010

mr. vann

once upon a time i had heard of a boy named stewart. he had creativity seeping out of him. i saw it before i even spoke a word to him. in fact, i remember exactly where i was when i first met him. his words were so kind. everyone affirmed this belief of mine. then my dear jeanette told me, "Stewart Vann—the most creative singer/songwriter/musician/best friend I’ve ever known—unpretentious, unpredictable, prophetic, prolific. I’ve never met anyone like him. He literally feels his music." so, i thought... i should probably ask this brilliant and kind man a few questions:
photo by shannon hartmark
q: what inspires you most?
a: Inspiration is something I find without much seeking or scuffle. Any simple story of change; any transformative aesthetic experience. Strangely, it needn't be a change I experience personally. If I watch from afar as anything becomes the least bit better, I am inspired. Here's a quick list: 1.Ára Bátur, by Sigur Rós (specifically when the choir takes the melodic lead around 7:00 through the song).
2. Gunter Grass' The Tin Drum. 
3. John Muir (his writings as well as his biography told by Ken Burns. Burns tells the Muir story over a few episodes of his documentary on the US National Parks).
4. Thoreau.
5. Simplicity at all cost.
6. The films of Truffaut, especially Small Change. 
7. Walking my dog, Sam, against the first moments of the day. He has no idea it's early. That ignorance is informative; challenging. Illuminating!
8. I have better best friends than anyone in the universe. I can't see how.
9. The ocean's caverns; and the land's greatest peaks.
10. Joy: not in the abstract, but as a decision at all times. Outward joy is lovingkindness.

photo by amelia alpaugh.
q: fill in the blank: i like to design/create _______________.
a: experiences that change people; push on them like an army of righteous index fingers. i like to write love poems and sciency evidence of love- material quantifications thereof. i like paroxysms about music. 
triceratops. by caleb chancey. 
q: fill in the blank. i love ______________.
a: the space i'm given in my daily life to be authentically human. my best friends and closest companions are staggeringly patient and swell. 

q: what is your dream/goal for what is to come {professionally} with both your design work and with your music career? 
a: My anticipations... hopes: I like to 'say' things for big corporations; large brands. I believe that large brands like Coke, Nike, etc. have this kinetic efficacy, the potential to create great positive progress for everyone: their shareowners, employees, customers, and vendors. It is with this belief that I intend to bolster and brighten brands; designing systems, voices, and programs that make the world much better. As far as music goes, i'm just as happy playing in my lovely little apartment for myself as I am playing for others. It's not a path i'll pursue. That being said, life is nothing but wilderness, and we're nothing but wild animals. Who knows. I love to play and sing.

where there is love {"outward joy is lovingkindness"},
there is art. 

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