September 30, 2010

rocktober birthday girl.

how do you not love that face? c'est impossible. 
happy rocktober! this just so happens to be my favorite month. to top it off one of my favorite persons in the planet was born on the first day of this month. HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my girl, georgiaruth. we have been friends for 19 years now {you do the math...}. while running the risk of sounding cliche, i can not imagine life without her. she is a true, forever friend. 

here are a few things one should know about this birthday girl:
  1. every year we she makes a new years resolution to learn more about her jewish heritage. 
  2. she is jewish. 
  3. her dream would be james taylor {yup, wild and passionate...} in london. perhaps with some kids and a station wagon {one down... a few more to go...}? 
  4. she once had a circus birthday party that was totally rad. so i hear... i wasn't invited.
  5. her kindergarten picture involves three inch thick glasses and a navy cardigan. you can not even handle the cuteness.
  6. she was voted "friendliest" in high school. 
  7. there was a year or two where long peasant skirts and thrifted tees were her wardrobe staple.
  8. she made a decision to get highlights once. as in, she was a blonde jew. 
  9. she still tells camp greystone stories. 
  10. i taught her to love sushi {veggie only, please...}
  11. freshman year every girl on our hall asked "so like... does ruthie... smoke pot... all the time?"... that was fun... 
  12. how could you not love those little eyes?
  13. she has a passion for coca-cola {kind of like james taylor...}.
  14. she pretends that she was mean in elementary school. but that's a lie. i was there. 
  15. she wore gap kids when i wore limited too. go figure.
  16. in college, she spent more consecutive hours in the food court than in class {and that is NOT a fat joke}.
  17. i have stolen clothes from her before. but i think it's borrowing because she is well aware.
  18. north carolina is in her future. 
  19. she knows more about art history than i do. 
  20. she knows every, single one of my secrets. 
  21. if ever we decide to not be afraid of marriage we will be in each others weddings. {no pressure, birthday girl}.
  22. if she's having a bad day give her m & m's. but, now i think red apples have won out. what is that all about?
  23. she keeps living spaces clean and her room messy.
  24. she is loyal. to the core. 
once upon a time we traveled the west coast. via trains and buses. nbd.
once upon a time we did the post-grad thing together. 
once upon a time we spent holidays together because we are from the same town.
once upon a time we went to college together. 
and once upon a time we celebrated her 24th birthday. 

where there is love {of a little jewish girl}, there is art.
i love you, young ruth.   


    A few things that come to mind:
    1. She never had a circus birthday party. That just didn't happen. I don't remember it, and there's no way I wasn't invited.
    2. Her favorite all time song -- Shower the People.
    3. She's a hell of a softball player.
    4. Fave Place = London.
    5. Birthmark above her right knee that looks like a footprint... check it out.
    6. You mentioned the hippie skirts, but you forgot the formative years (5th and 6th), when she preferred to channel Taylor Hanson (the first real love of her life).
    7. Named after her grandad... Grandaddy GEORGE.
    8. Once, we choreographed dances to the entire Beach Boys Greatest Hits CD, wearing shower caps.

    I Love You Dearly Rucy

  2. love you so much! thankful for you.

  3. dear ludie:
    1. you were there. i have the home video.
    6. embarrassing.
    8. thanks to rob for that cd. we were really cool.

  4. taylor hanson... that's a cool one, L. real good. in fact, i support all of those. thanks! HAPPY BIRTHDAY RU! from two people that loved you when you resembled taylor hanson or someone high outta your mind... xoxo