September 6, 2010

appreciating bama.

this labor day weekend i spent a lot of time is various parts of alabama. 1. montgomery {alley bar visit with rachel and chase/listening to the tunes of davis nix and the wranglers} 2. troy {proud of my roots, lunch with grandparents, a troy game, quality time with chrissy, socializing with people who knew me when... and people who will never know me at the front porch} 3. return to birmingham {recuperating/a visit from emily lucas and a celebration of a birth} 4. {lake} tuscaloosa {a little road trip with matthew/skiing {or not} and enjoying time with the best of the best}.
overall, i had a big ol' time this weekend and made a lot of memories- as i was lucky to be around most all of my favorite people in the universe at one point or another.
here is my labor day weekend in the form of photographs {wish i would've taken more}. sorry.
sound of the south. troy university.
birmingham night with emiejoy. 
AE and rufus at the lake. 

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