September 7, 2010

e + r

as if we can get enough of a good love story. here is another one for ya... two friends of mine from samford, erica and robert. these two people are absolutely fantastic individually. then you put them together and it just doesn't get any better. 
photo by: rob culpepper
q: how did you guys meet?
We met freshman year at Samford University. We went to a fraternity party together and on a couple of dates, but didn’t continue dating. We reconnected almost five years later when a mutual friend invited a small group of Samford friends to get together for dinner. 
q: e, what do you find most attractive about r? 
Robert is a servant. He works hard and whole heartedly. He encourages me to be a servant too. 
r, what do you find most attractive about e?
Erica has a beautiful smile and eyes to match, and because she is smiling or laughing 80% of her day it perpetually keeps me in a great mood. In addition, Erica has a colorful and social personality which attracts a lot of people to her, but her discernment is wise to invest in relationships that are spiritually beneficial. For this reason she keeps good company and a pure heart.

q: is there a work of art {music, painting, written word, etc.} that best represents yall’s love for one another?
The song “I Need Your Love So Bad” is an old, well-covered blues song whose lyrics we tend to agree with. It covers the need to be touched and told you are loved, and the desire to be held accountable by someone and to be lead by someone. The love that the song conveys extends beyond physical intimacy and specks more of partnership. We actually had our first wedding dance to Peter Green’s variation on the album Pious Bird of Good Omen. For us or anyone, it is simply a really good song.

wedding day bliss. clearly.
q: what do you guys think is the key to loving?
Selflessness and appreciation of the other’s selflessness. We are instructed to put each other before ourselves. With the Lord’s help, loving one another is shown through selflessness. Appreciation for the big and, maybe more importantly, the small things that you do for one another will encourage continued selflessness.
Commitment. We have vowed to love each other. We’ve been taught that a vow is never fulfilled like a promise so it has to be practiced continuously.
If love is mistaken as a feeling or state of being then most likely you will quit loving one another. {yes, yes, this is so good}. 
where there is love {past a feeling}, 
there is art.