September 27, 2010

the hills are alive with the sound of... julie?

it has been brought to my attention that if i go a few days without updating that people grow increasingly concerned about my well being. no worries. i am doing just fine. my apologies to anyone that is kind enough to read this. however, i have been a bit busy. i am currently wearing quite a few hats- teacher, student, nanny, etc. in the mean time i attempt to give myself breaks. last week one of my breaks consisted of sitting on the floor of the local bookstore. look what i found:
how perfect is that? 
couldn't pass up this picture perfect image connection {where there is love...}. interestingly enough this reminds me of the other break i took this weekend. i traveled north on 65 to visit my girl friends from college in nashville. we were celebrating (with lacy and silky things, no less) the impending marriage of our dear jessi. so how in the world does lingerie and mimosas connect with mother teresa? well, with our friend julie {andrews} most commonly known for her role as a nanny and nun. without telling the l o n g story our group of friends has considered "julie" to be our eighth friend. she is the most scandalous of us all {i.e.- "julie, put your clothes back on..." said in the perfect "julie voice"}. this most likely makes no sense to you. regardless, just go with it... that is the connection. so here are a few photos from my nashville break:
i feel like a proud mother. 
everyone excluding julie. 
pretty emily. pretty amy. pretty mimosa. 
forever and always. 
the bride to be. excuse anything inappropriate. 

where there is love, there is art {or God... or julie...}.

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  1. HAHAHA!!! I can't believe the words Mother Teresa, God, and Julie were all used in the same post!

    Julie does love so well...