September 22, 2010

...and the neighbors.

i met her first. then i met him. in fact, i think i met her before there was a him involved? i met her through a him that i had. then i no longer had that him, but i still had him and her.
of course, i'm talking about two of the kindest souls i know. two people who have welcomed me as friend from the beginning. two people who i have a great amount of respect for. drew and ellie holcomb. 
q: how did you guys first meet?
a:we had a lot of mutual friends. we met at a house called memphis what. i first introduced myself to drew. i asked him what he had done that day, and he had been flying a plane. that was memorable to me. i met him again a month later, and this is how the conversation went... 

ellie: hey! aren't you a pilot?
drew: {feeling very cool and confident} well, yes, i am! who told you that?
ellie: you did! 
his friends gave him such a hard time for that... 
q: how did the music begin for you... or you both?
a:I've {Ellie} sort of grown up home, with the radio, at school, in the car, by myself in my room, in choir, for background vocals on kids records and for my dad. He's a producer, and I loved getting to work with him. We'd stay up to all hours of the night writing different harmonies and parts for the songs he was recording. I started writing in high school and found that it was like breathing for's how I've processed most of my life. 
Drew started playing guitar in high school , but started writing songs when we went to study abroad in Scotland his junior year of college. He graduated early & started working for a producer in Memphis, who encouraged him to record his first EP. That was about 7.5 years ago and it's been so cool to get to watch Drew evolve as a songwriter and a performer. He has an incredible tenacity that's enabled him to basically run what would be equivalent to a small record label, recording, promoting, and booking all his own shows. Drew started asking me to sing with him for shows that he'd do in college. I loved it. I'd come up for a few songs and then enjoy watching my friend perform. When we started moving towards dating, he started asking me to sing with him more often, do background vocals for his first full length album. We got married. I taught. He traveled for over half the year. By Thanksgiving we decided that I'd join him on the road full time. 
q:what project are you guys most proud of?
a:I know that if Drew could only write one song, he would pick "Live Forever." He wrote it when he found out that our precious nieces and nephew were going to move to South America as a "send you on your way song." They have no clue what it means right now, but we can't wait for the day when they get that we want the very best for them.  
In terms of a project that we're most proud of it has to be the one that we're working on right now. We had longer to write for this album and had to pick from 20 songs that we loved. We're in the studio right now and everything sounds incredible. Cannot wait to share this new music with folks. 

q: what is it about the music that you love?
a: We love that music brings people together, that it can name things we didn't know how to name before and allows us to feel things more deeply than we might without music. We love that music mines the truth and the hurt and the deep joy and the suffering and the doubting out of life and makes it accessible to a lot of people at once. Jeff Tweedy of Wilco once said, "People come to a rock concert to suffer together." It's that sense of rhythm and lyrics and melody tapping into what it means to be human and allowing people to experience that together. We've both had music move and change us in that way and hope to make music that does the same thing for other people.

q: what do you guys think is the key to loving?
a:Honesty. Forgiveness. Giving each other the benefit of the doubt.  Laughter. And tapping into a love that is deeper than either one of you could come up with on your own. 
tour dates include:
september 30th- montreat college
october 8th- san francisco, ca 
october 9th- los angeles, ca
october 10th- san diego, ca
october 11th- tucson, az
october 12th- santa fe, nm
october 13th- athens, ga
october 14th- greenville, sc
october 15th- auburn, al
october 17th- nashville, tn
october 19th- austin, tx
october 20th- houston, tx
october 21st- waco, tx
october 22nd- dallas, tx
october 24th- college station, tx
october 26th- norman, ok
october 27th- tulsa, ok
october 28th- fayetteville, ar
where there is love {that's magic), 
there is art. 

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  1. hold on...i just want to cry because they love jeff tweedy and so do i. that's all. this is wonderful.