September 15, 2010

from haiti with love.

yesterday i received a little update from my friend marycatherine who moved to haiti very recently. everything about this decision was a long time coming. i can recount conversation after conversation about the next step... haiti was it. thus, when i saw in my inbox a message from her emotion started to rise within me. naturally. i believe she knew this would be the case because she even sent me, as she put it, "unemotional version" of an update. but with the line, "honestly, it's so weird but i feel like i am at home. like it's not scary or anything. or i don't feel uncomfortable- i guess is what i mean. it's just like my everyday life, but i am living it in a third world country that is in disaster response." i am so proud of her. in just a weeks time she has: 1. survived a tropical depression 2. taken bucket showers {as in, that's the only showers she takes}. 3. gotten sick 4. learned how to assist in child birth. 5. become a homeschool teacher. 6. held dead babies. {i honestly can not believe i just typed that}. 
photo taken by my friend, katy, on her trip to haiti. 
that's a lot to take in. but people, like marycatherine, remind me of my favorite of all favorite phrases- "for the glory of god is man, fully alive." it kind of holds a permanent place in my life {if you know what i'm saying... secret}. i'm inspired. 

where there is love {given fully}, 
there is art. 

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