September 20, 2010

hair treasures.

there are people that you admire from afar. am i right? you know- like you are in 7th grade and the captain of the cheerleading squad who is a senior and is your best friend's older sister who dates the really good looking quarterback and will probably be homecoming queen... yah, her.  well, that is kind of the way i have always felt about tara. she is the older sister of a dear friend of mine. never really gotten to know her well, but always admired her. i also love her little creations that i see from time to time. gotta admire someone who is both talented and creative. got to. 
this is tara b. 
q: what inspires you most? i think that my "style" is a little bit country/a little bit rock 'n roll (or maybe a little bit thrift store, a little bit catalog?). i'm inspired by things that are old and beautiful that come complete with stories and histories. that's why i love to use vintage jewelry and fabrics so much. i'm also inspired by brand new things that are fun to discover: new fashion, music, design. i guess i just love a modern spin on an old classic.
tara singing while wearing one of her "hair treasures" designs. 
q: fill in the blank. i like to create __________.  things that make people feel good. oops. that's pretty broad. the way i see it, though, something as simple as a handmade hair accessory can make someone feel unique and pretty, especially if it is one-of-a-kind. a handmade card can make someone feel loved and special. handmade home decor turns a house into a home and adds a level of comfort and warmth. i like to create things that can spark a smile, a memory, or a little bit of love. 
a whole bride and bridal party sporting "hair treasures" by tara b. 
q: fill in the blank {once again, please}. i love _____________. calico. buttons. old brooches. that sort-of-orangey-yellow color. flea markets. scarves. shoes. records. cherry coke. naps. bike rides. plaid. yarn. wallpaper. mismatching. books. autumn. colored glass. dandelions. dresses. scrabble. breakfast. discoveries.

the bender children. all of whom i am obsessed with. tara in a "hair treasure"- duh.
q: random fact about you. i got my first sewing machine when i was in first grade. both my grandma (dad's mom) and aunt (mom's sister) helped teach me to sew. some of the first things i made were doll clothes, pillows, and scrunchies (long live the '90s). and in middle school when other kids were playing sports or selling girl scout cookies, i was taking sewing lessons. that's when i started making clothes. i'm so thankful for my lifelong sewing hobby -- it's what has led to all of my other crafting adventures.  
these wonderful pillows were another tara bender creative project.

you can find tara at both her blog or her  etsy store. she welcomes special requests and custom orders. she can be contacted via her blog or etsy. likewise, you can find her on facebook: tara bender. 
where there is love {and a hair treasure}, there is art. 


  1. good grief, i love this blog.

    and i just found out i'm being shipped to seattle. thus upon telling sloanie, she told me to go look at your pictures. so i stalked them.

    i'm so pumped now.

  2. it really warms my heart that you would admire me for my granny-like tendencies. (i'm considering a move to alabama since it seems like the best people are there. let's convince trisha, and we can start a totally sweet commune.) thanks again for your post!

  3. WHAT kind of dog is that? i NEED to know.