September 11, 2010


it is still impossible, and forever will be, to see this image without an emotional reaction. i look at it and every hair on my body stands. automatically, i go back to where i was nine years ago. we all have that story, don't we? i was a freshmen in high school. full of naive passion. every freshmen should think that they are invincible. until then, it's no longer a reality. the worst possibility comes true. i was changing classes, walking down the stairs from the history department to the english department, laughing about the nap i took in my last class until i was caught off guard. my typically reserved teacher is pacing up and down the hallway screaming that the world trade centers have been hit! the televisions in the school office, in the classrooms, are all turned on. all you can hear is panic in everyone's voice. what is going on? the english teacher who moved from new york years ago is crying in her office and calling persons frantically. but there is no way to understand, at the age of fifteen, what just happened. in fact, on the ninth, two days prior i was on my annual family vacation to the city for labor day. i stood at the bottom of the trade centers and looked up. the largest structures i had ever seen. they were invincible, as was i, until that day. september 11th, 2001. may every life that was lost on that day be remembered today. peace will triumph over hate. 
where there is love, there is art. 

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  1. Such a nice piece....brought tears to my are so gifted!