September 28, 2010

robots, mustaches, and the combination thereof.

rockstar heart of gold girl.
oh! so she's really beautiful, right? you don't even know. until you really know JESSE WALSH. this girl is a rockstar with a heart of gold. we met in college, but for the past year she has been traveling the globe literally living on love. i asked her a few questions because if you live on love for a year in a multitude of places you kind of become an expert on this whole art of loving thing {in my book... which counts for something?}:
q: where are you currently living? and why?
 I am currently living in Viile Tecii, Romania- a small Gypsy community nestled in a valley of the sprawling Romanian countryside. I reside in the humble home of a beautiful gypsy family where music is ALWAYS playing & the normal views from my bedroom window consist of cornfields & horse drawn buggys. I have found myself in this seemingly random corner of the globe by way of the World Race. The World Race is a Christian missions trip visiting 11 countries in 11 months- a different country each month. Our day to day is unpredictable & this year I have found myself serving in the most unconventional of ways. My team & I work with churches, schools, hospitals, orphanages, & non-profit organizations. We preach, clean, teach, distribute food, build, serve, administer health care, counsel, create business plans, pray, fight for justice & above all we love.
q: how did this come about for you?
Good question-I often find myself thinking: “How did I get here? How can I actually be living out this dream experience?” I suppose it all started shortly after I graduated college. I had always assumed I would follow the common road to either graduate school or a career in the corporate world to put into practice my newly acquired Business degree. But when it came down to it, when I was forced to make a decision- I felt uneasy about choosing either option. Something inside me was itching for more. I wanted to travel, I wanted to experience culture, I wanted to do my little part at battling the injustices of this world. Being an unabashed over-achiever, it was initially difficult to forgo job offers & the lure of an extra diploma to proudly frame on an office wall; but, I finally caved to the incessant voice compelling me to go. I somehow knew that if I refused, I would always regret it.
jesse in romania.
q: where all have you traveled thus far? is there a place that sticks out in your mind as your FAVORITE?
Thus far on the race, I have been to: New Zealand, Australia, Philippines, Cambodia, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, Laos, Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda, Ireland & Romania. Still to come are Czech Republic & Ukraine- maybe a couple more if I get lucky. It is almost impossible to choose a favorite because of the countries vast variety- they each have their own unique features. But for the sake of making this even remotely interesting to read, I will highlight a few high points.
1.New Zealand- Rest assured that all the hype is most definitely warranted. The people are friendly & irritatingly attractive (you know you were wondering). The landscapes, from the endless hills of rolling green to the rocky sapphire shores, are nothing short of heaven sent. Not to mention everyone has an awesome accent- I felt like I was in an endless “Flight of the Concords” episode. It was awesome.
nz. beautiful.
2. Cambodia- This place is crawling with history & culture. I became entranced by stories of the Khmer Rouge & the countries tragic genocide-truly heartbreaking. One of my favorite days on the race consisted of exploring every corner of the ancient temple ruins at Angkor Wat. I loved visiting Buddhist temples & the monks. I loved learning & gaining insight into a world so foreign to me.
doing the angelina jolie thing.
3. Africa (in general)- Safaris & a never ceasing supply of smiling children.  Need I say more?
thatagirl. both of 'em.
4. Ireland- Well, I’m Irish {that makes two of us} & Guinness is awesome.
q: what do you think is the greatest lesson you have learned in this journey thus far?
I am completely incapable of doing life on my own. I need God.
for real on the rockstar note. in romania.
q: what do you most/least look forward to about returning stateside?
Most: Mexican food (with a special emphasis on tortilla chips & queso), homemade chocolate chip cookies, high-speed internet, Chick-fil-a, driving a car (if I even remember how to at this point, ha), real toilets, college football, the beach, my closet, & opportunities. Oh & of course, I, each day, grow increasingly excited for those first sweet embraces with my friends & family.
Least: the mundane. the complacent.
only love remains.
q: what/who do you love?
 I love love. Not the romantic, Romeo & Juliet kind (although that isn’t so bad either); but true genuine love- 1 Corinthians kind of love. Sacrificial love, Selfless love- love that knows no bounds. I love the love of Jesus Christ. I love the love that saved me, the love that holds this crumbling world together, the love that goes beyond human understanding. I love the love that first loved me. This love is what compels me. This love is what commands my heart into action & brings me to life. I will never tire of sharing its revolutionizing power.
I also love mustaches, photography, robots,starbucks iced hazelnut lattes, queso, & Zac Efron. Yeah I said it. I do love Zac Efron & one day he will realize he loves me too. I’m an optimist.:)
jesse in her dream persona. 
where there is love, there is art. 

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