September 2, 2010

s + r.

i have spoken of this stunning couple already. but incase you didn't get the memo the first time... 

as made clear, these two darlings are  ross and starr. probably two of the most beautiful newlyweds you know, right? we've shared the same space both in my past life {in montgomery} and currently {in birmingham}. so in typical southern tradition i had heard through several mutual friends- how lovely they are individually, how lovely they are as a couple, and how lovely their wedding was as a reflection of their love for one another. then to see this video. inspiring, huh? so now that you've had a taste of this love, i will share more of their story with you... 
q: so how did you two first meet?
a: Although we technically grew up going to the same church {years apart mind you}, I’d say we met when Ross was interviewing for medical school. I poked my head in the interview room to say hi to someone else, recognized him, he came over to say hi, and I ended up giving him my number to “call me if he had any questions about medical school.” He took that to mean- here’s my number, call me today. And he did. It basically started there.
q: starr, what is it about ross that you are most attracted to? 
a1: I’m most attracted to his goofy side that no one but me usually gets to see. Also, his very optimistic yet realistic view that often puts me in my place. He’s driven, but in a larger worldly sense than just the job at hand. Then there’s the tall, dark, and handsome thing

ross, what is it about starr that you find most attractive? 
a2: I’m most attracted to her uplifting personality, which can brighten anyone’s day. She’s the type of girl who gets the most out of life and brings the best out of others. And of course, she’s stunningly beautiful.
right after their engagement.
q: is there a work of art that you guys feel best represents your love for one another?
a: We love the song on our video that you so sweetly posted. “Something Beautiful” by NeedtoBreathe. Also, the song “For Once in my Life.” It’s a great love song, but upbeat like us. We’re not the super slow-dance Eric Clapton type. 
q: what do you think the key to loving is?
a: Well we’re new at this, but I’d say continuing to try. Even when things are good, if you always put effort into making the other person happy you’ll never go wrong.
{once again} where there is love, there is art

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  1. Hayden, just downloaded "Something Beautiful." I can't believe I don't already have it, so thanks for the inadvertent reminder. Beautiful post & video. :)