September 17, 2010

i am fall.

i am fall.
that's a fall color. 
thus, i am fall. 
i run the risk at sounding redundant {after lauren's magnificent happy list}. 
however, this is what makes me {ansleyhayden}incredibly happy right now:
1. boots. specifically, these charles david randsom boots. omg.
2. neighbor/friend time on the lawn on lovely {fall} evenings.
seen here. 
and here. 
3. baking yummy treats with katiegirl and putting pumpkin puree and nutmeg in anything, and everything i want {because it's fall. sorta}.
4. getting my foot through that door and pursuing my little education/educator dreams.
5. driving through town and getting teary eyed because it's just so dang pretty. those leaves!
6. having some of the most talented and wonderful friends around.
7. pretending i'm really into football.
8. my body temperature is so right. finally. hot soy caramel macchiato without sweating.
9. just the word "autumn." makes me {want to} fall in love.
10. an accordion.
how awesome is this? taken by my boy, john the italian. 
fall. is. fawesome.

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